Work areas

The IT cluster builds and develops the IT community of Transcarpathia. For this purpose, various projects are being implemented.

Talent management
Investments and start-ups
Security and logistics
Volunteer and social initiatives
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Talent management

  • Initiatives to promote the development of IT education in the region
  • New educational programs in IT and improvement of existing ones
  • Stopping the outflow of talent
  • International experience exchange
  • Programs for switchers
  • Consulting on HR outsourcing, recruiting, psychodiagnostic, career guidance
Key initiatives:
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Together with the Transcarpathian Regional Military Administration and UzhNU, we held IT CAMP, a platform for testing the implementation of out-of-school education.
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Working groups and a plan to improve educational programs for extracurricular, school, and university students, as well as to improve the competencies of teachers have been approved.

Investments and start-ups

  • Funding programs in partnership with the venture and investment funds, angel investors
  • Startup Fund
  • Grants
  • Competitions
  • Accelerators
  • Assistance in obtaining copyright
  • IT market research and research support programs
Key initiatives:
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IT.CT startup heroes — the transformational event, aimed to give rise to and support (expertly, financially, media) Ukrainian startups and help them to scale up.


  • Organizational assistance in relocating business to Transcarpathia and finding housing and office space at an adequate, not speculative price. In addition, the cluster partners offer residents unique discounts for buying, renting, investing, etc
  • Support of partner infrastructure projects aimed at addressing the needs of the IT community, including IT towns, coworking spaces
  • Educational development
  • Assistance to the region in the implementation of smart solutions for transport and infrastructure systems with the involvement of resources of IT companies working in the region
  • Stimulation of retail and hospitality business development
Key initiatives:
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We are preparing a research on the demand for housing in Transcarpathia, and then we will share attractive offers from our partners.
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Security and logistics

  • Support in addressing cyber and physical security issues
  • Legal support
  • Help with the relocation of companies and employees with families
Key initiatives:
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Together with the Transcarpathian Regional Military Administration and CRDF Global, we are organizing an educational module on cybersecurity for computer science teachers in Transcarpathia.
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We took part in the 13th session of the National Cybersecurity Cluster.
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Volunteer and social initiatives

  • Promoting volunteer and social programs
  • Charitable activities involving residents
  • Charity fund IT.CT Foundation
Key initiatives:
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A charitable foundation IT.CT Foundation aimed to systematically help the Armed Forces, displaced persons, orphanages, and rehabilitation centers was founded.
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We contributed to the organization of a football tournament, which helped to raise 65,000 UAH to support the soldiers of the Uzhhorod territorial defense detachment.
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We organized a charity event "Crisis Leadership" during which we raised UAH 1 million 113 thousand for the charity fund IT.CT Foundation.
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They joined the charity race "Lavanda run" to raise funds to support the 68th separate territorial defense battalion of Transcarpathia.
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We joined the charity run "Honouring warriors, running for the heroes of Ukraine" in Uzhhorod.