From Transcarpathia with love: Uzhhorod

    Transcarpathia is an absolutely amazing region with unique nature, climate, and local traditions. Transcarpathia is a special world hidden in rocky valleys that have preserved traditions and folk crafts that originated many years ago.

    Here you just want to be, live, travel, remember the old and discover the new. Mountains, wine, endless fields, mountain flowers, healing thermal springs, and the world of Hutsul beliefs. During its history, Transcarpathia belonged to Austria-Hungary, Czechoslovakia, and the Hungarian Kingdom. In some villages, you can still meet old grandmothers who will sing to you in the Swabian dialect (German language) or local residents who can communicate in Old Swedish. Transcarpathia has been liked by people for a long time. Archaeologists could tell us for a long time about various monuments, the oldest of which is more than 1,000,000 years old.

    As a result, a crazy mix of cultures and unique natural places was formed. How to start getting acquainted with your own eyes? Let's start with a walk around the capital of Transcarpathia - wonderful Uzhhorod.

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    Uzhhorod is a city of multiculturalism, aromatic coffee, ancient architecture, and amazing cute mini-monuments.

    It was first mentioned in the annals in 903 AD. The original castle was built in the 10th century and restored by the bishop of Mukachevo in the 16th century, and today it houses a historical museum known for its archaeological collection.

    Uzhgorod fascinates with its unique internationality, its versatility with various styles, denominations, tastes, aromas, and charm - in every old street.

    This quarter is going to be nominated to the UNESCO World Heritage List. There are many old pink sakura trees growing there, and it was planned and built in just two decades in the interwar years under the guns of the stars of the modernist architecture of the time.

    02.Квартал Малий Ґалаґов_03_3x2.jpg
    02.Квартал Малий Ґалаґов_01_3x2.jpg

    "Owl's Nest" is a legendary storeroom and wine cellar of Uzhhorod, built back in 1781. Today it is an updated unique architectural monument of the city, which is located opposite the city hall. Once upon a time, wine, lard, sheep's wool, beer, and grain were stored in the local hills.

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    03.Совине гніздо_3x2.jpg

    In the botanical garden of Uzhgorod, you will see more than 5 thousand plants and 800 species of trees and bushes. Such exotic trees as banana, papaya, eucalyptus, and laurel even grow here. Nearby is Castle Park, which has been watched over by the oldest tree in Uzhhorod for many centuries - a 500-year-old sycamore.

    04.Ботанічний сад Ужгорода_02_3x2.jpg
    04.Ботанічний сад Ужгорода_01_3x2.jpg

    The Hill of Glory is a massive memorial complex that was opened in memory of the heroes of the Second World War. Here, in 217 mass graves and individual graves, about a thousand liberating soldiers are buried.

    Transcarpathian open-air museum of folk architecture and life, which will show you all of Transcarpathia in miniature. A wooden temple, townhouses, Hutsul, Boykov, Hungarian, Romanian huts, an inn, a school, a laundry - everything is exactly the same as it was several centuries ago.

    05.Закарпатський музей народної архітектури та побуту_3x2.jpg

    This is a unique example of bastion-type fortifications in Transcarpathian lands, a masterpiece of the Romanesque architectural style. The buildings of the fortress belong to the XII-XIII centuries. and keep many historical secrets that still live within its walls.

    In the walls of the castle, there is a whole network of secret passages connecting one part of the fortress with another. According to legend, there was also a secret underground passage that connected the Uzhhorod castle with the Nevytskyi castle.

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    Nevytskyi Castle, located in an amazingly picturesque corner on the outskirts of the city, is considered one of the oldest in Transcarpathia. Built at the crossroads of trade routes, it was originally a wooden fortification, but the Mongol-Tatars destroyed it in 1241. Later, a strong stone structure was built in its place, which was constantly rebuilt and strengthened.

    More than 5,000 exhibits of Ukrainian and Western European art are collected in the art museum named after Y. Bokshay.

    The Ascension Cathedral is the heart of Uzhhorod. It contains an amazing past and unparalleled architectural value.

    Goryan Rotunda is a unique historical and architectural monument of the 12th century. in the vicinity of Uzhhorod. This is one of the oldest churches in Ukraine. The most valuable there are the Italian frescoes, which are more than 700 years old. And the rounded hexagonal shape makes it belong to the list of rare churches in Europe.

    The linden alley is the longest in Europe. This wonderful corridor was "built" by Czech botanists with approximately 300 linden trees.

    Theater Square is the central square of the city, from which you can get to any point of Uzhhorod. There you will see an arcade, a puppet theater, nearby - a unique Hasidic synagogue, and an active children's railway.

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    Pay attention to the ancient houses with unique decorative moldings are impressive in Petefi Square, which was first mentioned back in 1631 as a trading area with fun fairs.

    You should also see Corzo and Voloshyn Streets with unique decorative details on the houses. On Korzo Street there is a former public inn "White Ship", and on Voloshyn - the amazing Roman Catholic Church of St. George. If you go further, you will see the legendary house of Gisella, and across from it is the Batiz passage with the Basilian Monastery, which today serves the students of UzhNU.

    So we are sure that a walk through Uzhgorod will enchant you, and discovering new places on your own will give you a sense of adventure.

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