Is Transcarpathia ready for the development of the IT industry

    Over the last year, the economic situation has improved significantly. The strength of collaborations and the willingness of entrepreneurs to develop their businesses in Transcarpathia have turned this region into an incredibly promising and desirable one.

    Why do we think so? You can see it yourself through the events, awards, and results that Transcarpathia has:

    • Transcarpathia received more than 350,000 forced migrants from the territories of combat operations, occupied and front-line locations. According to mobile operators, there are 410,000 people. About half of them are young people under the age of 35.
    • More than 300 enterprises, which were forced to leave their hometowns due to the war, moved their facilities to Transcarpathia. The region has become a kind of leader in the process of the business relocation.
    • In June 2022, the International Forum on Business Relocation from the War Zone was held. The event was attended by diplomats, representatives of regional authorities and partner states, entrepreneurs, etc., which shows the unconditional interest of not only Ukrainians but also the international community.
    • An IT cluster was created in Transcarpathia during the war. We managed to form a case of more than 100 relocated IT companies and 30,000 specialists in this sector of the economy quite quickly.
    • The first offline Diya.Business support center for entrepreneurs in Western Ukraine was opened in Uzhhorod. The center is useful for entrepreneurs, who can receive various advice regarding their business: how to start a business, how to relocate, etc.
    • A large-scale forum for entrepreneurs Go-Adapt Business Forum was held. It was attended by leading speakers for micro, small and medium-sized businesses, during which Ukrainian entrepreneurs had the opportunity to improve their skills and make new business acquaintances.
    • In the nomination "Business Of The Year 2022" from the Ukrainian Business Award, the KNP "Transcarpathian Regional Clinical Hospital named after Andrii Novak".

    Thanks to all the initiatives, we are sure that the region will develop rapidly and become an example of an economic miracle in the future.

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