Frequently asked questions

Who are you?

We are an IT business association that is creating a new technology and innovation center in Ukraine in Transcarpathia. For this, we generate projects within the community and actively interact with central and local authorities, educational institutions, and various types of businesses and organizations.

We started our work in April 2022 to support the economy of Ukraine in difficult times and in response to the challenge facing the region: more than 30,000 IT professionals were relocated to Transcarpathia as a result of the war.

What benefits do cluster residents receive?

Residents of IT Cluster Transcarpathia will participate in the development of the IT industry of Transcarpathia and will receive help and support in the following areas:

  • Effective dialogue with state authorities — the Transcarpathian Regional Military Administration and central authorities.
  • Assistance in business relocation to Transcarpathia and search for office premises.
  • Support in resolving physical and cyber security issues.
  • Promotion of products, services, events, and initiatives of the residents' company through participation in the cluster projects.
  • Talent management and IT education development.
  • Organization of funding programs for startups, inventions, and research.
  • Networking programs to meet potential partners, clients, employers, and specialists.
  • Participation and representation of the community at international, national, and local TOP-level events.
  • Promotion of volunteer and social initiatives.
  • Other services on terms unique to the cluster (package accounting support, legal support, marketing support, etc.)
Does the cluster help with relocation?

We provide organizational assistance in business relocation to Transcarpathia and in finding housing and office space at a reasonable, non-speculative price. In addition, cluster partners offer residents unique discounts when buying, renting, investing, etc. Support of partner infrastructure projects aimed at solving the needs of the IT community, including IT towns, and coworking spaces.

Who can become a cluster resident?

Any IT companies and professionals can become members of the cluster, regardless of the size of the company or the length of stay in Transcarpathia – permanently, temporarily or just planning to move soon, including:

  • сompanies with employees;
  • entrepreneurs which have contracts with Ukrainian companies - both residents of DIIA City and non-residents;
  • entrepreneurs which have contracts with foreign companies;
  • freelancers.
In which cities of Transcarpathia does the cluster operate?

The cluster operates on the entire territory of the Transcarpathian region. It doesn't matter which city or village you choose for your office and business.

How to become a resident of the IT cluster?

Main stages:

  1. Applying for participation in the cluster. To do this, you need to fill out the appropriate form on the website.
  2. Application review and approval. As soon as we consider your application, you will receive a letter by email.
  3. Interview with the Management Board of the cluster.
  4. Making a decision to participate. If your application is approved, we will provide you with the details to pay the entry fee.
  5. Payment of the entrance fee.
  6. Receiving confirmation of resident registration.
How to join the cluster initiatives?

If you are not yet a resident or partner of the cluster, fill out the appropriate form on the website, after which our manager will contact you. You can also write to us at Specify what exactly you would like to do and what ideas you have.

I have a proposal for you regarding the organization of a joint event/event invitation - what should I do?

We are open to joint initiatives and partnerships. Send your proposal to the e-mail address